Hey guys!

I haven't released too much information regarding the upcoming updates and new additions to the server, so this post should give you a basic understanding of what is going to happen. Essentially, we're introducing some additional mini-game servers which can be accessed through a command on the main server. Not much will change for those that don't want to access them, you will join the server as usual and nothing will differ, we do not intend on having a "lobby" or "hub" server which portals the servers together as all servers will be accessible through a command.

Planned game modes (currently in development!)
  • Gang Tag (Infected)
  • Ore Whacker
  • Speed Runners
  • Gold Rush
  • Kill Switch
  • Creeper Crisis
  • Outbreak (Survival against hordes)
  • Blaze Blaster
The votes have been reset and the following top 10 voters received vouchers(in /mail) to our web store:
  1. Viscious - 152 - $50 Voucher
  2. IAmDinosaurROWR - 151 - $50 Voucher
  3. LiimiitzYT - 151 - $50 Voucher
  4. junglecatpoop - 144 - $50 Voucher
  5. Koen_the_Best - 144 - $50 Voucher
  6. Ballzy9 - 143 - $25 Voucher
  7. littledjjoker - 143 - $25 Voucher
  8. MartijnR2003 - 141 - $25 Voucher
  9. SokiSaki - 139 - $25 Voucher
  10. noleman80 - 137 - $25 Voucher
The vouchers can be used on our web store at buy.pixelprison.org. If there is a problem with your voucher, please contact Vultra or Reminant on the forums.
Things are getting pretty spooky here on PixelPrison. After concluding our unexpectedly long maintenance, the following updates have been applied to make the spookiest update in history.

Spawn and PVP
Please be aware, some of the changes made to the spawn and pvp zones are extremely spooky and may frighten younger audiences.

Halloween Crate
The Halloween Key can be purchased on the webstore for $2.49 (or a cheaper 3x key bundle). The Halloween crate contains over 59 unique rewards. Rewards obtained from this crate are exclusive to the event and will not be obtainable after the event has concluded. We've also added a Donator Rankup Book and a Rankup Book. The donator rankup book will automatically bump you up from whatever rank you currently are to the next one in the rank ladder, without paying anything at all! The regular rankup book will move you up in the A-Z rank ladder.

As of now, there is only 1 maze that can be accessed through the portal at spawn. Over the upcoming week, we will be introducing a few more mazes with unique layouts and designs. Completing the maze for the first time will award you with a Halloween Key that can be claimed at /warp crates.

A big thanks to FinestFrost for doing the majority of the building and Clara D. for designing the pumpkins for the header.
Last Man Standing
LMS is back! I've personally remade the arena to make it more appealing and fun for PVP. The plugin itself is currently undergoing some changes to fix the border issue. Contraction of the border size has been removed as this was causing issues with the border not correctly showing up for players, causing them to lag around and get killed easily. Every 30 minutes, if there are 30 or more players online on the server, the LMS arena will automatically start.

Fortune Blocks
Pickaxes with a fortune enchantment over the level of 25 will be able to use the new Fortune Blocks features. In simple terms, this is just the fortune enchant applied to blocks such as emerald blocks, diamond blocks, etc.

Crates have been completely reworked and are now live on the server. In order of rarity/pricing: Wooden Crate, Bronze Crate, Silver Crate, Golden Crate and Platinum Crate. We've decided to have a total of 5 crates to further spread the rewards out to allow for players to obtain keys without purchasing them or for a cheaper price. Old keys will not work on the new crates, if you do have any of the old crate keys, contact a staff member to have them exchanged for the new keys.

The votes have been reset and the following top 10 voters received vouchers(in /mail) to our web store:
  1. noleman80 - 148 - $50 Voucher
  2. Tredeuce - 147 - $50 Voucher
  3. Ballzy9 - 146 - $50 Voucher
  4. EternalAnkh - 145 - $50 Voucher
  5. JimbocookieHD - 145 - $50 Voucher
  6. Viscious - 143 - $25 Voucher
  7. bAdMACPHERSON99 - 140 - $25 Voucher
  8. SokiSaki - 138 - $25 Voucher
  9. Jwle7 - 137 - $25 Voucher
  10. LiimiitzYT - 135 - $25 Voucher
Alongside this, voting rewards have been reworked. We are now using a luck based reward system rather than a cumulative reward system. You can view the updated voting rewards by typing "/rewards" in-game.

Set Effects
Some people may have noticed this...
Remember to wish Reminant a happy birthday when you see him, he just turned 16. Timezones are a bit odd so technically he's not 16 for another 24 hours for the majority of us. I've put up a 70% off 2 day sale, enjoy!
We are now open to registrations. Please report any bugs/glitches you may experience in the correct board. You will be required to create a new account for the forums as we are no longer using Enjin.