Helper Applications are Online!

Reminant Owner posted Thu at 17:16

Helper Applications are now up! Simply click the "Staff" Button at the page and fill out the form! Please fill out valid details to avoid getting permanently banned.

For people who can't navigate the website, please click this link

CriticalArcher123 I would love to be a staff.It would be a great oppurnity to help other players and this server is really fun soo yeah... ...
BUNZLER i would love to be a staff i really love this server so much that ever time i get home i just get on to this server and ...

Economy Reset

Reminant Owner posted Apr 7, 14
Hey Prisoners,

As some of you may have noticed the economy has been reset, and there was some argument about what happened so I'm here to clear it up. There was a dupe glitch within chestshop which involved hoppers that people abused to rank up really fast, and also there was a slight issue with a command that changed the balance of every player. To prevent the economy to be corrupted, we had no choice but to reset it. 

- Reminant
HPrince Im guessing the influx of pwoolford or whoever his name's blazerods and other materials were form this dupe glitch?
Hey everyone,

Just a quick update, I've purchased new DDoS Protection for the server due to our old one leaving about 40% of our players unable to connect to the server and also due to major lag when we actually got ddosed. The server may appear offline for about 1-2 hours this is because the DNS is being changed to point to our new DDoS protection. Everything should be back to normal soon. You may also notice that your ping has decreased by a lot, this is because the protection is much closer to our actual Dedicated Server.

If you are having some issues connecting, try the following IP's for a while:
- Reminant

Vontie Forummod Wow Very DDoS Such packet Many internet Much sadness :'(

Changelog #1 6/03/14

Reminant Owner posted Mar 6, 14

Changelog #1 6/03/14

+ Fixed Block Lag issues
Adjusted prefixes for ranks
Updated Buycraft Webstore
Brand new mines equipped with Furnace Rooms, Mob Farms (being fixed) and mini mines to mine the "Filler" blocks within a mine (being worked on).
New first time spawn room
Various website adjustments
New Tab-bar features
New Banner (by yours truly)
Fixed Tokens, the extra categories (dyes,potions, etc.) are now open.
Added comma's to separate digits in /balance (Really helpful.)
Adjusted ranking up prices slightly

Make sure to keep an eye on the website for the changelog!


Reminant Owner posted Feb 25, 14
Hey Peeps!

I have just completely re-coded our Buycraft CSS to make it look way more fancier! :) I hope you all enjoy the changes I've made, If you find any bugs or glitches please report them immediately. We will be updating some prices regarding the packages.

Webstore Link:
- Reminant
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